Just after the World War II Nikola Bukvic, by  then already a schooled pastry chef came back home  to Yugoslavia after spending couple years as a  forced laborer in Germany. Nikola spent a number of years working  in a few well know hotels in Belgrade, but he always dreamt of having his own patisserie and serving people delicious sweets. In 1956 Nikola and his wife Zora moved to a newly built suburb of Sarajevo, Grbavica  to open their JadrankaPastries. At that time  Grbavica only had four apartment buildings and was out of the way  for most people. Nikola and Zora worked very hard those  first years, they struggled to sell their pastries and often had to give away their Bohems, Shamponez and other delicacies to the neighboring kids rather than throw them out, but they persevered.

As Sarajevo rebuilt after WW II and Grbavica  grew so did JadrankaPastries.  They made beautiful wedding cakes, tea cookies and their display grew to house numerous different  kinds of decadent pastries and JadrankaPastries became a place where  young and  old alike gathered for delicious pastries. In time Nikola and Zora’s pastries became the favorite among all the  citizens of Sarajevo.

During the 1984 Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo, Vucko the logo of the games was  brought to chocolate life by JadrankaPastries. The chocolate Vucko made its way into the hearts  and bellies all over the World. By the end of the 1980s JadrankaPastries pastries had two locations and over 20 employees.

In 1992 as the war in Bosnia broke out JadrankaPastries was forced to  close and flee after 36 years of serving its customers. Seven years later  in 1999 Nikola and Zora’s grandchildren decided to continue   Nikola’s vision or making make people smile.  On February, 07 2004 JadrankaPastries had its grand opening in its  new country made possible by the overwhelming support of their  old and new loyal customers. In addition to the JadrankaPastries retail shop, JadrankaPastries now serves over a dozen specialty food shops, supermarkets and restaurants all over South Western Ontario.   JadrankaPastries has even filled special request for their Bohems and Shamponez To all over Canada, USA and even Europe.